Our Sky Trail features two exciting levels, one lower, and one higher.


Each level features seven distinct elements to navigate through.


Each participant navigates themselves through the course wearing a harness and safety rope that glides along with you in a steel channel.  For more information see our safety first section.



All participants must be 48" tall to climb the sky trail course.

Weight limit:  60 lbs - 300 lbs.


All participants must be wearing shoes with backs & closed toes.


No participant should wear excessive jewelry such as necklaces or hooped earrings.

Do not play if you have any of the

following conditions....


Heart Problems   *   Back/Neck Problems

Epilepsy   *   Asthma   *   Are Pregnant


Any other condition that may be aggravated by participating.

There are a total of 14 different elements for you to navigate through. 
Here are a few.  Have FUN!!


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