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On the typical day to day we play our Standard Team Game


Our standard team game consists of two teams, the red team, and green team. The teams have limited laser pulses and energy units and must return to base to recharge when they run out. Each team must also defend two targets on their side that the other team will try to tag. This game format is enhanced using our "C.H.I.P.S." Modes




Why Play Team Games?


Team games promote teamwork and allow teams to form offensive and defensive strategies. They also provide help to non-experienced players by providing a support group which will often provide quick tips and other help to player.


In Solo games, players often form "Mob-Like" Teams where experienced players find the need to team-up and then ultimately dominate the less experienced players.


In Solo games, there are only one winner. In Team Games, Half of everyone playing wins the game, even if you are the lowest scoring player.




Why Play Recharge Games?


We play recharge games because it helps spread people throughout the arena. It prevent them from clumping up in certain areas, thus preventing injury. They also will take various paths to go back and recharge that will allow players to explore the entire arena.


Recharge games also prevent a player from following another, or holding one position the whole game. It makes defense worthwhile, and allows for open base targets.




Although we play our Standard Team Game most of the time, we do offer Solo, and other game formats that we use when the situation requires it, such as low numbers of players


We promise the best arena experience ever, but the arena is only 1/3 of the experience.

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