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We offer the most advanced equipment in existence today.






















Each player is issued their own LASERTON 11.5 System Vest at the start of each session. These vests are very advanced and offer many features that set these vests apart from our competitors such as...


-Vests are lightweight


+Makes it easy to move around in.


-Phasers are two handed


+ Requires both hands to be on the phaser to operate it.  This prevents people from having a free hand to punch, grab, or shove other players


- Phasers have Foam Safety Glove


+ The phaser is covered with a foam sleeve to help prevent injury to players that may accidentally come into contact with the phaser


- Precision mounted laser and infrared module


+ All components are precision aligned so that you are always tagging what you are aiming at


- Shoulder Mounted Speakers on vest


+Provides live audio feedback from your vest, both rewarding you when you do good, and offering you tips if you are struggling


-Five vibrating target areas


+ When you get tagged, the area that was tagged vibrates, so you know exactly where it came from


- L.E.D. Readout on each vest


+ Shows the players live score throughout gameplay


In addition to the vests, the rest of our system provides a high-tech interactive experience.


- 4 Base Units


+ With lighting effects and sound effects


-Arena Scoreboard


+ Provides live team scores, viewable from anywhere in the arena


- 2 Scoring Monitors in Arena


+ See how each player and your overall team is doing


- Live Audio Broadcast over Arena


+ Provides cool music and in game announcements about how teams are doing, who is ahead, and how much time is left


We promise the best equipment ever, but the equipment is only 1/3 of the experience. Check out Our Arena &Our Games, then come out & see it for yourself!


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